Novosibirsk region: in Berdsk launched a new line for production of nanopowders

Nano finally goes on, «nanovolumes.» The new production facility for production of nanopowders run at full capacity. They are already actively used in the defense industry, construction and medicine. This is one of the projects supported by the Novosibirsk venture capital fund.

The main purpose of nanopowders — to do all the stronger, in that they are added. Tiny particles bind a molecule of starting material, and he acquires new properties. Supplements that can not be seen even under a microscope, very promising, but has not been fully explored and have a «complex character».
Nanopowders prepared by electrical explosion of conductors. For the first time in Novosibirsk with the help of this innovative technology does not produce a finished product in the laboratory and in industrial scale.
With such equipment a year can make only a few tons. But the volume is deceptive. For example, only one gram of nanoaluminum makes a ton of concrete is much stronger. The field of micro-particles widely: they are used not only in the manufacture of building materials or armor. Doctors use these supplements for bone replacement. For example, make artificial «porous» vertebrae that are fused with living tissues and cause rejection.
«A man generally face less of nanomaterials themselves, but with materials that will be improved by using them. Here it should be understood, «- said Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region Vladimir Nikonov.
While the demand for unique additive is small. Plan an annual production of 2 tons, but while berdchane considered Russia’s largest producer of nanopowders.
«Our industry is at the forefront of the last decades of the last century. Introduction — a rather difficult thing, because the company is not ready to consume «- complains director of» Siberian nanomaterials, «Sergei Popov.
Nevertheless, already signed contracts with several defense companies and manufacturers of high-strength ceramics from Tomsk, Kazan, Moscow. A Novosibirsk scientists use to study the nano-powders promising way to cut metal. Soon, the volume of production expected to increase to 20 tons.
Source: IAA Cleandex

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