Russia will fight for the market of rare earth metals.

The company «Phosagro» is going to produce rare-earth metals of the apatite concentrate. However, while we are talking only about the development of technology. On the timing and cost of the project too early.

«Today we are doing the primary pilot plant at Cherepovets ‘Athos’ and as a pilot project at the Balakovo, respectively, now when it comes to better understanding of this process, or the incarnation of the metal — it’s 4-5 years from today,» — said General Director Fosargo Maxim Volkov.
According to Volkov, «Phosagro» owns 42% of Russian reserves of rare earth metals. In the future, based on them can produce radically new products for the most high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries. Of particular interest to «Phosagro,» in terms of profits, represent elements of the so-called «heavy group».It is expected that they will only get more expensive.

Experts point out that Russia has everything you need to take a serious global market share of rare earth metals, which now demand far outstrips supply. While the sector is actually a monopoly position is China. In Russia there are about a quarter of world reserves of rare earth metals. However, the production volume is only 2% of the world. By 2020 this figure will increase to 10%.

The news has been prepared based on information releases channel «TV Expert».


Volkov: Russia will compete for the market of rare earth metals Photo: ITAR-TASS

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