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Solarus amends developed technologies to improve process efficiency and increase profitability.

Chelyabinsk South Ural Russia (9 February 2015) — Solarus pleased to announce that it has completed the design of experimental research to develop new plasma chemical reactor gasification of carbonaceous materials. Innovations that will be applied will significantly speed up and increase the percentage of gasification of carbonaceous materials. Use the gasifier in the process, we expect significantly increase yield of the final product (green diesel). Just Solarus intends to use the technology available to the associated extraction of valuable and rare earth metals in the process of «fast» pyrolysis (coal, natural bitumen, coal and oil sludge) that will significantly increase the profitability of the process as a whole.
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SIE Solarus Energy Ltd. Is to promote the dissemination of solar energy and green technologies through the developed products and technologies that optimize and make effective use of natural resources and make the world comfortable for a person without harming the environment.
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