SIE «Solarus Energy» Ltd is a young growing company. We today have a number of

innovative clean technologies to improve the environment, a more complete utilization of natural resources and reducing human impact on climate change.

The main objective of the company — make available solar energy without government subsidies.
In the beginning it became clear that solar energy should be clean from getting to the production of silicon modules, and produced energy, cost-effective. For this reason, we focused on the development of clean technologies:

  • the production of silicon and other valuable metals in a closed loop;
  • increasing the efficiency of solar cells;
  • the production of solar energy.

The successes achieved in the studies suggest that we are on the right track.
The assembled team of highly qualified researchers, engineers and experienced managers, and partner support of scientific research

 institutes and industrial companies, will allow us to become a technological leader in its industry.

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