CTL Green diesel

Solarus Energy uses modular design refinery, a small scale, low pressure gasification to convert coal into any synthesis gas or fluid using plasma and catalytic commercial grade systems that are extremely cost effective. Most developers are planning to build more capacity CTL  barrels 10000-15000 per day with the use of expensive gasification systems are designed for high pressure and cost-effective only for large volumes of coal gasification.
We have to offer savings in both stages and equipment in connection with the process of coal gasification and do not require large initial investments in synthesis gas compressor stations. Our flexible low pressure coal gasifier allows a wide range of almost any type of coal including coal dust to be in cash on both large and small scale. Our system allows the production of high-quality synthetic fuels using the most proven and new technologies.

The main product of Solarus Energy coal gasification high grade diesel fuel. In the world view of the adoption of more and more countries tightening of environmental demand for diesel fuel with a low sulfur content less than 15 ppm of sulfur. CTL Diesel ultrapure high cetane diesel fuel with very low emissions due to the presence of only trace amounts of sulfur.

CTL diesel fuel can be used in conventional engines with compression either in pure form or as an effective component of the mixture to upgrade marginal middle distillate streams to supply road diesel fuel. Diesel engine emissions affects primarily through its cetane number, aromatics and sulfur. In all these aspects, CTL diesel the best quality

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