Scrap silicon


SEI «Solarus energy» offers for the supply of scrap mono-and polysilicon wafers.
If you have a need, call us right now we are open for contacts.

An example of the physical characteristics scrap solar cell:

The plates are clean with no traces of oil and water — packing drums

Mono crystal Silicon Wafer  (Pseudo square)

Growth Method: CZ
Dimension: 125×125 ± 0.5mm, 156×156 ± 0.5mm
Diagonal: 150 ± 0.5mm, thickness: 200 ± 20μm
Square Angle: 90 ± 0.3 degree
Orientation: 100 ± 3 degree
Type of conductivity: P type
Dopant: Boron
Resitivity: 0.5-3, 3-6 Ohm / cm
Content of Oxygen: 1×10 At/cm3
Content of Carbon: 5x 10 At/cm3
Life Time: ≥ 10 us
Surface Finish: As cut and cleaned
backside: As cut and cleaned
Bow, max: <50 μm
Saw marks depth: <30 μm
Thickness: 200 ± 20
TTV: <50 μm
Surface: Without pin holes, cracks, stains and other contamination
Edge chips: 1 pcs not longer than 1 mm, not deeper than 0.5 mm

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