With the growing demand for electricity from renewable sources increases, introduction of PV technology has grown considerably in recent years. However, the methods of formation of crystalline silicon that is optimized for solar cells remained. The wafers of crystalline silicon solar cells are adapted to conditionally obtained by slicing an ingot of silicon. Wastes a significant amount of silicon, consuming up to 50% silicon kerf loss in the body and delivering a much greater thickness than is required for photovoltaic devices useful. The cost of silicon is still up to 40% of the cost of solar cells. Today, companies working in this industry are interested in the emergence of technologies capable of without major investments to improve the efficiency of silicon solar cells. The technology developed by these things, «Solarus energy», it will greatly increase the efficiency of solar cells. Our company is working on the issue of waste cutting silicon wafers and polysilicon production technology, concluded that there is a possibility of rare metals and precious metals from waste without harming the environment in a highly competitive price. These things worked, «Solarus energy» is working on commercialization of technology.

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