Our history

Prior to 1994, and 2010, our company called Joint Stock Company Uralservis.
During this period, the company began working in the field of new materials and technology of mining and processing of natural energy resources, and as well as materials and technologies for alternative energy in 1994.
We have developed technologies and materials for the intensification of oil and gas. Was obtained a patent for ceramic proppant — the material used in the technology of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs. In the field of alternative energy technologies, we have developed technology of polycrystalline silicon Si 99,9999% of companies have waste — is the source material for the production of solar cells.
In 2005 we began development of two advanced technologies:
1. Production of high-performance solar cells (efficiency 35%)
2. Production of rare-earth metals from waste companies have become.

In 2010, for completion of these technologies and the subsequent commercialization, we have created SIE «Solarus Energy» ltd.

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